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Summer, Holiday, Road Trip. Simple Tips to Make It All Go Smoothly.



Almost every teen will want to take a road trip and most likely they will be taking friends with them.  Most parents answer with a resounding “no” first and then after a little convincing from their teen, they change their answer to a hesitant “yes”. For the teen this is the freedom they have been looking for, but for the parents this is the freedom they have tried to avoid. 

For Teens: Remember that when you ask your parent(s) to take a weekend road trip with a few of your friends, their first concern is your safety.  They still see you as their child, the one that they have provided for and strived to keep safe from all unnecessary harm.  Your job is to bring them up to speed on your young adult life and portray that through their great parenting skills, you have gained all necessary skills to have a fun and safe time.  

For Parents: Letting your child go on a road trip can be a nerve-racking adventure, but it can also be rewarding for your relationship with your teen.  Here are a few pointers that might make the road trip experience a little less bumpy. 

Be Involved – Help your teen plan their weekend getaway. Being involved not only builds trust between you and your teen, but it also helps you know where your teen is supposed to be and when.  Make sure that you are not planning it all for them but instead allow them to do the planning and you help with the things they might not think about, such as, when to stop activities and eat.  After the whole trip is planned, with some time for “spur of the moment” ideas of course, provide all the information to the parents of the other teens that will be traveling in the group. When everyone is informed, it makes the trip less stressful for everyone involved. 

Open the Lines of Communication – Allow your teen to talk freely to you about their trip, good, bad, and ugly because if something doesn’t go as planned you can be there for guidance and support. Teens make mistakes and often need guidance on how to fix those mistakes. 

Protect from a Distance – There are various technologies that allow for you to keep in contact with your teen and protect them even when they are miles away.  The first being the trusty cellphone, every teen has one and every teen knows how to use one.  Set up a time each day on the trip for a check-in phone call or text.  Concerned about your teen’s lead foot?  No need to be concerned anymore because Highway Guardian’s Vehicle Speed Limiter is the perfect protection from a distance by limiting your teen’s car to 73 mph. 

School will soon be out for summer and that means more teens hit the road for road trips.  Using these tips will make that first trip go smooth.  For more driving tips please visit Highway Guardian also check out

by Lee Drugan

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